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10 Major Types of Diseases

Today we are going to discuss the 10 major types of diseases, which we are very much common around the world. These Diseases is always cured in a scientific manner, also this practice  is continues in today’s world. View Similar stores like- 1mg coupons | 3Hcare coupons | Dr Batra Coupons | The World’s biggest health organization (WHO) is working Pro-actively in fighting from all diseases and are also helping to people who are suffering from it. Heart, Lung and Other Organ Diseases – These Diseases are caused due to Infections, Inherited Conditions & Trauma can cause to death, This kind of diseases are No.1 Killer for Americans.  Also Heart attacks, coronary heart disease and congestive heart failure are all common in the western part of this country. Lung Disease such as chronic obstructive disease, also cause many deaths. Blood and Immune System Diseases – Immune system problems may be congenital and these are the main symptom of AID’s, Almost 1 Million people are af

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